Safety and Security Window Films in Melbourne

Safety and security films hold the shattered glass together to reduce the risk of glass cut injury and impede the entry of criminals

Security Window Film is available in both clear and with solar protection.

Are you concerned with smash and grab at your home or business? Do you own a jewellery store in Melbourne?

An alarm system may sound the police, however, how long will it take for the police to respond in your neighbourhood? Why not keep the bad people out of your home or business by installing security film on your glass?

Security Window Film is a cost effective way to protect people from injury and death and property from damage or total loss. If your building’s window glass is ever broken accidentally or intentionally Safety and Security Films help to hold the potentially dangerous pieces together and safely away from the occupants. Uses for Safety and Security Film:

  • safety glazing (including Family Day Care)
  • intruder deterrence
  • natural disasters
  • anti-graffiti / vandalism
  • blast mitigation

With an array of choices, we will be certain to fit your needs.

Anti-Graffiti Film – A Solution To Costly Vandalism

Any smooth surface exposed to public vandalism and everyday wear and tear can be easily and inexpensively protected by an anti-graffiti film. Similar in construction to a safety film product, anti-graffiti film is a clear removable protective film, engineered to protect surfaces from etching chemicals, spray paints, gouging and scratching.

Put Anti-Graffiti film to work protecting glass doors, elevators, transit shelters, bus windows, information kiosksanywhere!

Barrier Against Damage
Once anti-graffiti film is installed, it acts as an invisible barrier between your valuable property and malicious vandals. After an incident you don’t have to worry about costly cleanup. Anti-graffiti film is easily removed and a new piece can be quickly installed. Protect your property from a vandals next target with an anti-graffiti film. have anti-graffiti films made by all the leading US film manufacturers at the lowest cost in Australia and we provide the best safety, security and anti-graffiti film installation in Melbourne.